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  • Hermaphroditus

    This is hermaphroditus the son of the God Hermes and Goddess Aphrodite. His body became both male and female when a water nymph that fell in love with him made a wish to never be separated. What I like about hermaphroditus is that learning about him made me take a second to stop and consider […]

  • Mother Nature

    This is one issue I have with monotheistic religions. A monotheistic religion claims that there is only one God. Yet I wholeheartedly believe in the divine feminine and many Goddesses not just Aphrodite. She is the perfect Goddess I think because she represents all of qualities of other Goddesses. Some people don’t believe in a […]

  • Fertility Goddess

    Aphrodite is associated with fertility Goddess statue images. Cults of her followers would pray to her to provide abundance to their crops. By venerating fertility through ritual celebration they would make the lands also fertile. This makes Aphrodite Mother Nature .

  • What is ofaphrodite

    I made this website as a shrine to the Goddess Aphrodite. I had chosen the artwork Aphrodite’s Birth to represent her because of the mythology behind the painting. Aphrodite was born in the sea after the titan Cronus castrated his father Uranus and threw his junk into the sea.