This is hermaphroditus the son of the God Hermes and Goddess Aphrodite. His body became both male and female when a water nymph that fell in love with him made a wish to never be separated. What I like about hermaphroditus is that learning about him made me take a second to stop and consider gender identity. I personally don’t believe it’s a good idea for a person to permanently change their body with gender affirming surgery for example without considering a few things like the amount of people who detransition. If the goal is acceptance of ones body then obviously that should be the first consideration that should be made to promote mental wellness. Hermaphroditus which is essentially an avatar of Aphrodite reminds me that we are both male and female. 50% of our DNA comes from our Father and 50% comes from our Mother. It’s the same for all other humans in existence. So my message with this post is not to be offensive but to be open about my view on divine masculine and feminine forces.

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